How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

1. Place your router centrally in your home
Try to place your router in the centre of your home to help it reach all four corners of your house. Remove any objects close to the router which the signal may have to travel through such as large ornaments next to the antennas. Make sure the antennas are clearly visible aka, not behind your TV or tucked away in a cabinet. Although your wireless internet can travel through solid objects, the more objects it has to travel through, the slower the speeds will be by the time it reaches you.

2. Use 2G instead of 5G

3. Install a Managed Wifi system with Access Points throughout your home
For customers with larger homes, we offer a Managed Wi-Fi service add on whereby we install wired Access Points on each floor to provide full high speed coverage no matter how large your home is or how thick the walls are. Please contact us for a quote.

4. Third Party Wi-Fi boosters
Some of our customers get success with third party wi-fi boosters such as Wi-Fi Range Extenders. These plug into a spare plug socket and extend the Wi-Fi into other rooms or floors of your house. As an analogy, consider if you had a radio playing in your living room. The sound would be loud in the living room but much quieter in the kitchen and a whisper upstairs. But if you had a radio upstairs, you would be able to hear the radio well on both floors. This is similar to how a Wi-Fi extender would work. The downside to Wi-Fi extenders is that they can be unreliable and reduce the speeds of your internet. As such, we can not support any third party Wi-Fi boosters - we can only guarantee the connection to your router. 

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