Diagnostics for Mac OSX

Diagnostics for Mac OSX

The next step is to run some diagnostics yourself. Please ensure you only run these tests during the time you experience your issue, as results sent to us when your connection is working properly won’t provide us with the information we need to solve your issue. Try to include the time and date in the screenshots as this helps us diagnose the problem.


For Mac OSX


First things first – How to take a screenshot


Taking Screenshots. Once you have completed the tests, we need to see the results. The best way to show them is to take screenshots. If you are unsure how to take screenshots, please familiarise yourself with the shortcut commands below. Screenshot shortcut: cmd + shift + 3. This will take a screenshot of the contents of the screen and save it to a file on the desktop. Please change the filename to the corresponding test. E.g. ping -c 100 gw.


The first thing to do is open a “Terminal” window.


To do this, select the Spotlight Search from the top right corner, type “Terminal” and click it when it appears.


Once open, select “Shell” from the top bar, then “New Window” and then “Basic”.


Starting the Tests In the first Terminal window, type the following command (without the quotes) and then press enter: “ping -c 100 gw”.


In the second Terminal window, type the following command (without the quotes) and then press enter: “ping -c 100 www.google.co.uk”.


Arrange the Terminal windows so they are side-by-side, like the image below:


These Terminal windows must be left open while the problem is occurring. Next, we need to see a Speed test.

Please visit www.speedtest.net and click on ‘GO’. The test will begin and will perform three tests, one for Ping, Download Speed and one for Upload Speed.

Once the tests have completed, you will be presented with your results, please take a screenshot of this and name it Speedtest. An example:

For the next screenshots, you will need to download a free application called Netspot.

You can obtain Netspot from www.netspotapp.com. Please make sure you download the free version.
Once the app has been downloaded and installed, please run it and make sure it is set to full screen.

Please make sure that the BSSID column has been expanded to show all the characters and that Level (SNR) has been sorted to show best to worst. An example of this can be seen here:

Take a screenshot of your whole screen, so that the time is visible in the top right corner.

We require this screenshot to be taken from the location in which you experience the problem.

Now continue to the Sending Screenshots page for how to send your screenshots to us.

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